Students for Sustainable Water

Tackling the Future of Water Resources Today

Around the world, we face a looming crisis as the needs of growing populations, expanding economic development, and climate change stress the capacity of natural ecosystems to provide sufficient clean, freshwater. Many communities, from small towns in California to rural villages in the developing world, do not have the technical know-how or infrastructure to plan for and manage a sustainable water future. They need more access to scientifically sound, low-cost solutions that are designed for their specific community challenges and interests.

Serving Communities and Training Future Water Scientists  

Students for Sustainable Water (S2H2O) helps communities address their water sustainability challenges while providing hands-on educational experiences that help inspire and prepare students to be water scientists. Undergraduate and graduate students in S2H2O work under the direction of expert faculty and in partnerships with underserved communities in California and internationally to build water sustainability projects in at least one of three critical areas:

  • Drinking water quality
  • Groundwater recharge
  • Surface flow restoration